When Good Isn't Good Enough
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Qualified Legal Counsel

The W.H. Thomas Firm is a boutique criminal and civil litigation firm focusing on the representation of individuals and businesses in state courts throughout Georgia and in Federal courts throughout the United States. At the W.H. Thomas Firm the most important case in our office is yours. Each client's case is unique and we treat it as such. Our goal is to provide high quality, individualized representation and solutions for each and every client we serve. Owned and operated by a former federal prosecutor, at the W.H. Thomas Firm we vigorously and aggressively defend, represent, and litigate on behalf of individuals and businesses in criminal prosecutions and investigations, as well as in civil, internal and administrative investigations. The W.H. Thomas Firm has successfully represented individuals in a variety of matters. In some cases, early and aggressive representation can result in no charges ever being filed, or in cases being dismissed. Neither the W.H. Thomas Firm nor any firm can guarantee a particular result, but early intervention by highly qualified legal counsel gives you the best chance of a favorable result.

The W.H. Thomas Firm is the firm to choose when your problem is serious and having "good counsel" is not good enough. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to address all of your litigation needs.